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2.17.6 – GSTR-3B Data Preparation

Nov 16, 2021


GSTR-3B Data Preparation

Objective : To provide utility to reconcile Purchase Receipts with GSTR2 and prepare data to file GSTR-3B on a monthly basis

Feature: Navigate to Accounts –> GSTR-3B to find a utility to reconcile the Purchase Receipts (PR) against GSTR-2B available for the month in context. This tool categorizes the PR & GSTR-2B matches into 6 categories as guided by the GST Regime, namely, Match, Partial Match, Probable Match, Unmatched, In GSTR2 only, In PR only. Those categorized as Partial, Probable & Unmatched can be marked as Matched at User discretion. The state of Reconciliation for the month can be saved or cleared as and when desired. Information required to file GSTR-3B is also available.

Limitation: Filing of GSTR-3B has to be done by copying the information available in the aiding report.


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