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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        December 13, 2020

Standard Packing Quantity

Objective : To provide for profiling Standard Packing Quantity of Goods at both Item & Make levels.

Feature: In the Material Profile create/edit page Standard Packing Quantity (SPQ) is provided for at the Item level & at Make level.

Quantity thus profiled will be used to validate the factor of the Order quantity, i.e Users will be suggested to Order the Item as multiple of the SPQ, yet with an option to bypass such suggestion.

This has addressed the issue of Received quantity being greater than Order Quantity to some extent, as part of such quantity mismatch was due to the SPQ limitations.

Limitation :Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is yet to be provided for, which will complete the Order Quantity validation.

Account Statements

Objective : To minimize human effort required to work with Account Statements generated.
Feature: Two dynamic elements have been provided to minimize the changes required to make the Account Statements generated take its final shape.

  • Balance Sheet Difference will now be auto-calculated & highlighted in the appropriate section of the Balance Sheet.

  • Auto-arrange Other Current Assets & Liabilities based on their Closing Value.
    • Debit Balance Accounts under the below Account Notes will now be automatically positioned under appropriate Asset Note Heads
      • Trade Payables Debit Balance Accounts will now be available under a new Note header named Loans & Advances to Suppliers under the Note Short-term Loans and Advances
      • Other Current Liabilitiesdebit balance Accounts will now be available under the note header ‘Other Advances’ under ‘Short-term Loans and Advances’
    • Credit Balance Accounts under the following Note-grouping will now be available under appropriate Liabilities Note head.
      • Trade Receivables credit balance Accounts will now be available under a new note named ‘Loans & Advances received from Customers’ under ‘Other Current Liabilities’
      • Other Current Assets credit balance Accounts will now be moved under a new note named Other Payables under the note Trade Payables.

More Payable & Receivable Account Ledgers

Objective:To provide for capturing & processing Bills for transactions happening from/to various Account Ledgers placed under Other Current Liabilities & Assets, thus provided for more Payable/Receivable tracking.

Feature: Enabling Bill tracking/processing is now provided as a Configuration for Account Ledgers grouped under Other Current Assets & Other Current Liabilities, and all their sub-groups (which already includes the Sundry Debtors & Sundry Creditors).

Such Account Ledgers enabled for Bill tracking will be treated as Payables/Receivables & will be available for processing in the Bill Settlement page.

Other Changes

    • Sales Estimate listing page now features Total Invoice & OA values raised against the SE.


  • In Indent Page’s Indent view, now Received quantity & Stock quantity can be viewed on demand.

  • Sign-up process is now possible from Mobile App


Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 26

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
11187 In statements page moderate popup value feild validation is not done Normal normal
11040 In auditing when GRN attachment in Party invoice tab is downloaded, the GRN invoice number should be displayed as file name High major
11227 [Expense] – Page keeps loading on clicking My expense tab after session timeout Low minor
11299 In invoice PDF when HH is unselected in invoice template the space between date and time is not displayed Normal major
11332 [Invoice Template] “PREVIEW” watermark text has displayed above Normal size in the PDF Preview page Normal normal
11091 [User][Subscription] Payment amount shall be dynamic Normal normal
10961 In sales module OA status displayed wrong value High major
10242 In mobile Purchase Performance mismatched with web Ontime supplies bar chart Normal major
11338 In Material edit page tour popup displayed below for BOM costing popup Normal normal
10400 In PO delivery due date should auto populate the required date from indent when indent number is selected High major
11240 “NON-STOCKABLE” indication symbol is not displayed in the edit JO “Material Usage” & “Items Delivered” popup Normal normal
11346 [Material issue/receipt report] – Date range field gets reset to last 30 days though current year option is filtered High major
11339 [Internal stock report] – When stock material without drawing number is issued then it is not listed in the report Normal major
11449 GRN Report not loaded records in Schnell Enterprise – [102] Normal normal
11341 [Invoice] – 404 not found gets displayed on clicking print button for pending invoice Normal major
10946 [Invoice] – When alternate unit is updated in View OA materials popup, unit rate value is not updated Normal normal
11250 [OA] “NON-STOCKABLE” indication symbol is not displayed in the edit OA “Materials Received” & “Material Usage” popup Normal normal
11351 In SE edit page, in invoice summary popup ‘no invoice raised’ message is not displayed when invoice not raised for the SE Normal normal
8960 [Job In Return] – Party DC drop down displayed OA numbers when Job In return type is selected High major
11251 [GRN] “NON-STOCKABLE” indication symbol is not displayed in the edit GRN JOB IN “Material Usage” popup Normal normal
11180 In GRN against JOB IN add page BOM popup “*” prefix is not displayed for child materials Low normal
9626 Upload big size files into xserp (> 30 MB) High blocker
11202 Payment failed when payment done though UPI method High major
10810 Cloud storage for file attachment/transfers [UI] Normal normal
11191 Conversion rate feild in all pages accept only 2 digit after decimal should accept 5 decimal Normal normal
11405 When status is searched from filter search, then next letter of the entered character is capitalized Normal normal

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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