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2.17.1 – Data Export to Tally


May 11, 2021

Data Export in Tally format

Objective : To provide for an option to export Data from our system to Tally, for many Enterprises consult Auditors who are comfortable with Tally, to have a look into their Finance Books.

Feature: A utility named Export Data is provided via the menu Settings –> Data Export. This menu opens a pop-up Dashboard that will enable users to initiate a Data Export & monitor their progress.

Config options are available to specify the Data to be exported are

  • Date Range Filter to specify the Period for which the Data are to be exported
  • Inventory data inclusion option
  • Carrying over Closing Balance as Opening Balance option

The export data are validated against the format accepted by Tally migration tool.

Limitation: As Tally and xserp are very different systems, there are bound to be cases where the Data generated in this system does not find proper place in Tally. Such data might not be migrated to Tally. Nonetheless it won’t affect the Statement generation in Tally

User Preferences in Invoice Editing

Objective : To provide for capturing User Preferences regarding certain smart features.

Feature:Browser-cache based capturing of User Preferences, based on User & Enterprise Logins are introduced, to give the User a level of control over what smart feature they choose to use by default. Such preferences are introduced in Invoice Edit/Create page for this iteration

User Preferences introduced in the Invoice are:

  • Item Quick Add – a preference when set will skip the Stock calculation that happens while adding Items to Invoice. Stock validation will however be applied while saving the changes.
  • Auto-suggest Round-off – this preference when turned-on will suggest values to Round-off field such that the Grand Total will be a whole number, whenever there is a change in the value of any of the items or taxes added for the Invoice.

More Config Options in Invoice Template

  • Separate Label & inclusion config for PO No & PO Date.
  • Option to print Approver signature, if captured in User Profile. This is how User Signature will appear in the Invoice document.
  • Introduced on more Print Template named Elegant


Bug Fixes

No of Bugs Fixed: 13

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
12177 In Ledger edit page super edit icon displays below ledger name feild Normal normal
12399 [Credit/Debit Note] Approved Manual note Alignment has collapsed Normal major
12991 [ICD] Semicolon has displayed between word in the confirmation Pop up while approving with option of “Acknowledged by Party” in the PDF Pop up Low minor
13850 [Invoice Template] OOPS Error displayed while selecting Elegant Template & Save Highest critical
13809 [Mobile View] Download app link to be displayed while accessing web-app in mobile device High normal
13161 Incorrect tool tip message is displayed on the delete icon while mouse hovering on the Party name i Low minor
13683 [SR] – Able to add approved qty more than pending qty and save SR High major
12178 [JDC] – Out of stock warning popup not displayed when material added from view po materials popup without max stock High major
13073 Not able to add DC /Invoice when material deleted with HSN suggestion Normal major
12951 [GRN] Able to select text value in HSN field whilch auto suggest in the chrome browser Normal normal
11824 Unable to erase data when material has attachment High major
13452 [Print] Numbers as words print shall ignore “POINT ZERO ZERO” High major
13263 In all listing page when right click on document number open in new tab option should be displayed High major
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