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Bill Settlement Changes

Objective: Enhance the user experience of the Bill Settlement Page & provide more features in Payment Advice/Receipt Acknowledgement & Outstanding Summary PDF generation & mailing.

Feature: In the Accounts → Bill Settlements page a few UI changes have been made. Find them listed below

  • Tabbed view – with two tabs – Payables & Receivables
  • Past Settlements section will be available just below the Account Selector & Payable/Receivable Ageing Summary, with Date-range filter. This section comes with the below options
    • Print and/or eMail Past Settlements as Payment Advice in Payables tab & Receipt Acknowledgement while under Receivables tab
    • Download Past Settlements as CSV
  • Existing Bill Settlement utility can now be accessed as the Outstanding summary pop-up, which again has one additional feature of
    • Print/eMail Outstanding Summary to relevant party.

These features are aimed at enhancing the User’s ability to communicate with their Stake-holders of the relevant Payable/Receivable information.

Limitation: Payables & Receivables are not yet segregated as Purchase/Expense or Revenue/ Non-Revenue, etc.

Other Changes

  • Audit Note can be previewed in GRN Edit page
  • E-Commerce GSTIN can now be captured in Purchase Receipts & Sales Invoices.
  • Item Particulars table in Audit Note is re-aligned to provide for HSN/SAC column
  • Introduced 2 new provisions in Invoice Template Configurations Page
    • Invoice Number Font-size
    • QR/Bar Codification option of Invoice numbers


Mobile Changes

  • Invoice creation is now possible from Mobile App
  • Multi-select & approve multiple Price-profiles in one go.
  • Web-page rendering in mobile is now responsive, enabling webview rendering in mobile-browsers more usable.


Bugs Fixes

Total Bugs Fixed: 29

Bug ID




10459 Bug 10458 – IN ledger edit page when book of entries is downloaded , the downloaded file should display ledger name and address if profiled High major
10458 IN ledger edit page when book of entries is downloaded , the downloaded document should display the ledger name High major
10913 [Voucher] – Packing and transport ledger gets displayed with 0 value High major
8137 Bank auto voucher created first is not displayed in voucher list grid High major
11749 In auditing checked note PDF takes 20 secs to load High major
9377 Loading progress bar should be displayed when click on checked status in view page and view note in audit note page High major
12010 In GRN attachment is deleted when GRN with attachment is updated by adding a material High major
7336 In chrome, view auditing page date search is not retained High major
11832 When checked IAN is super edited ,Oops error is displayed High major
10985 [ICD] Modified Filter option with results are not retained when user clicking on GRN NO & BACK from the edit GRN-ICD page High major
11752 In pending GRN audit note page do we need to display save button for super edit user High major
12036 In auditing manual note PDF wrong tax values displayed High major
12119 In ICD party invoice tab GRN attachment displays last checked GRN attachment (loading issue) Normal major
11164 When GRN checked by adding other item then on edit page added other item is not displayed Normal major
11481 Note Migration task – [Stock and non stock material merge process] Normal normal
11766 In mobile when click on resend link captacha screen is navigated and then OTP is resend High major
11306 [Mobile-Profile] RATE APPROVAL tab has displayed as black screen Normal major
11309 [Mobile-Auditing] APPROVED & RETURNED tab has displayed as black screen in the Auditing screen when no data available Normal normal
11315 [User Subscription-Mobile] Subscription confirmation popup should be displayed after payment success Normal normal
11054 [Material] – Empty material list grid gets displayed when edit page is refreshed Normal normal
11254 [Material] “NON-STOCKABLE” indication symbol is not displayed in the edit material BOM and BOM Costing pop up Normal normal
11328 [SE] – Super edit icon not displayed for currency drop down in add page Normal normal
11746 [SE] Duplicate OA create while Adding multiple Promote Invoice and OA in the Same SE edit page. Normal normal
12185 In GRN report shortage Qty is not displayed for GRN against JOB In High major
11841 Displays Internal server error when GRN updated by adding attachment High major
11253 [DC] “NON-STOCKABLE” indication symbol is not displayed in the edit DC “Items Returned” popup Normal normal
11830 In indent PO page double click on PO value displayed above supplier bucket, in PO popup the PO detials displayed twice Normal normal
8768 All the entered value are cleared if new user Signup with already registered email address Normal normal
11878 [Front End] Material List in Reports loading performance improvement Normal normal
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