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2.17 – GST Reports


April 25, 2021

GST Reports

Objective :  To improve upon the GSTR1 & GSTR2 reports, make it more compliant and close to the GST mandated formats, covering more GST related cases than earlier

Feature :  The existing GSTR2 report has been moved as Purchase Register, while another menu/page named GST Purchase Report was removed.

  • GSTR1 Sales Report
    • Contains the tabbed sections for B2B, B2CL, B2CS, HSN, CDNR, CDNUR, EXP, EXEMP
    • Each tabbed sections can be downloaded as separate CSV files.
    • Entire report is downloadable as XLS with all Tab-sections as separate Work-sheets
    • Limitations: AT and ATADJ items are not captured yet, as Advances & related adjustment processing are not possible in the system yet.
  • GSTR2 Purchase Report
    • Tabbed sections for the report include B2B, B2BUR, HSN, CDNR, CDNUR, EXEMP, IMPG
    • Each tabbed section can be downloaded as CSV files individually.
    • Entire report can be downloaded as a single XLS file with each tab-section as separate Sheets within
    • Limitations: IMPS, ITCR, AT & ATADJ are not yet part of the report. They will be available soon.

Bug Fixes

No of bugs fixed: 4

Bug ID Component Summary Priority Severity
13323 Universal While user subscribing the XSERP application, the auto Generated Invoice document does not have GSTIN number High major
13156 Purchase [Po] – Failed to update project in edit page High major
13343 Profiles In party list page null displayed in contact detials columns when imported thru tally Normal major
13340 Profiles In party list page party not displayed when imported from tally Normal major

Post-release Hot-pushes

More Invoice Print Config Options

  • Provided options to configure when to print the Tax Applicable on Reverse Charges item in Invoice Print
  • Config option to print Prepared By User credentialswhen enabled a section will be available in the Signatory section, left of the Authorized Signatory section
  • Print copy labels are now made to fit the style of the template & the look & feel enhanced.
  • Assigning to print Receiver Acknowledgement too was made configurable, as to whichever copy one wants it can be configured & printed.

More PO Print Config Options

  • Now Logo size to be printed can be adjusted.
  • HSN/SAC Details of Item Particulars can now be configured to print in separate columns.


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