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2.17.4 – Exploded View for Bill of Materials


September 24, 2021

BoM Explode

Objective : To provide for viewing Bill of Materials (BoM) exploded to the deepest level possible.

Feature: Bill of Materials used across the application are presented only with top-level view. Most times this is not adequate, as navigating to each sub-component to find its BoM is not very usable. Moreover, this does not allow a consolidated view of all possible BoMs & sub-BoMs required to build a product. To overcome these short-comings, several pages which involves exhaustive working with BoMs has been provided with Multi-level explode view. The exploded view will be in a tree format as shown below

    [+] Unexploded BoM
    [-] Exploded BoM
     |----[+] Unexploded Sub-component
     |----[-] Exploded Sub-component
           |---- Raw Mat-1
           |---- Item 2
     |---- Item 2
     |---- Item 3
    Item 3

This feature is provide for in the below sections:

  • Profiles –> Material –> BoM & Costing
  • Stores –> Indent
  • Stores –> Shortage List

Other Changes

  • Order Acknowledgement listing page has been optimized, by fetching only the primary OA information by default. Sales info fetching is made optional.
  • Changelog has now been provided for Invoices

Bug Fixes

No of Bugs Fixed: 5

Bug ID Component Summary Severity Priority
13574 Accounts In GSTR1 report need to display Duty column major Normal
15070 Purchase [PO] – Unable to reject po though items not received major Normal
14902 Stores [IRN] – ‘Stock not available’ warning not displayed when qty of material with negative stock reduced major High
14842 Stores [IRN] – Update issue no not displayed in list grid major High
14938 Stores [ Production GRN ] “HSN/ SAC ” should be display warning message while HSN/SAC field above from maxlength normal Normal


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