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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              September 4, 2020

Promote Sales Estimate to OA/Invoice

Objective: To provide an option to promote a Customer Accepted Sales Estimate/Quote to either an OA or an Invoice.
Feature: In the Edit page of a Sales Estimate that was accepted/approved by the User’s Customer two buttons are provided for:
  • Promote to OA – Clicking on this button will open an OA creation page with all data profiled in Sales Estimate pre-populated
  • Promote to Invoice – Clicking on this button will open an Invoice creation page with all Sales Estimate details pre-populated.
Limitation:For now, Sales Estimate will be referred only in OA so created. Also such a relation can be established only through these buttons.

Custom formatting of Invoice Number

Objective: To provide for configurable Invoice numbers.

Feature: An Invoice number formatter option is provided for in the Invoice Template Config page’s Header section.

Code Format Elements
  • fy – Financial Year of the invoice (Alpha-numeric)
  • type – Invoice Type – one of GST, Labour/Service, Bill of Supply, Delivery Challan & the like (Alpha-numeric)
  • number –Serial number of Invoice for the Financial Year (Numeric)
  • sub_number –Sub-number available for Super-Edits used for Invoice Serial order correction (Single Character Alpha-numeric, length not modifiable)
Format Options
  • :.n – First ‘n’ characters of the string will be printed
  • :0N – Number of total length ‘N’ with leading zeros will be printed (excluding 0 will generate invoice nos without leading zeros)

Any Invoice format shall result in Invoice numbers Unique for the Financial Year. The max length of the format is fixed at 30 characters.

Limitation:This format is common for Invoice, DC & Issue.

Other Changes

  • Taxes can now be profiled for OA.
  • Changelog is now provided for Invoice Template Configuration.
  • Invoice PDF page-break issue is being handled in a better manner

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 11

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
10171 NOt able to update invoice template by checking Estimate no and date High major
10079 [Profile-Material] Space is not displayed between the words in the material name which was uploaded through bulk upload option High major
10015 [SE] – Though add button not clicked on clicking save button material should get saved High critical
10056 [OA] Change the Print method to wkhtml – Backend Changes High major
10055 [OA] Change the Print method to wkhtml – UI Changes High major
9905 In sales estimate alternate unit dropdown is not displayed High major
10021 [Sale – SE] Sales Estimate Edit page is not retained while opening the PDF screen to clicking “Approve/Reject” button & close PDF in edit SE page Normal normal
10155 Tax dropdown field not reseted after adding TAX to the OA. Normal normal
10157 [OA] In PDF ,Tax value added from the drop down not added to the grand total. Normal normal
9969 Able to update the status as client approved even when Sales estimate is in draft / rejected status Normal normal
10127 Page not found has displayed while click on Resources link High major

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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