Streamline your operation

Smart Purchase Decisions

Can save you 23% money spent on your manufacturing process
xserp smart integration of your supplies, inventory and sales function could not only boost your manufacturing process, it will also help you with vendor analysis insights and smart purchase decisions…

Lean Inventory Management

Stop worrying about your ROL, fluctuating demands, lead times and other woes…

Your purchase and sales functions can access full-pledged inventory information to get a complete picture. Get customised reports at regular intervals and manage your inventory efficiently.

Customizable GST-Compliant Invoices

Create professional invoices in a jiffy. Adding icing to the cake is pre-scheduled payment reminders to reduce your outstanding considerably. xserp takes care of everything – whether it is customised invoice or taking care of automating your workflow invoices – all within few minutes…

What more you need…

Streamlined accounting & user-friendly financial processes

Focus on your business strategies and long-term goals while we work on your finances diligently. xserp tracks your financial transactions effectively and produces insightful financial reports. Maintain your ledger accounts efficiently and practice effective cash. XS-ERP has a GST compliant invoicing module and offers GSTR Reports.

Best of both worlds – Smart Auditing & Business Prosperity

Is your purchase team aligns well with your Production, Finance and Delivery functions?

xserp leads your departments in a unified direction through smart audits and actionable insights. Fix financial gaps and prosper in business – with the help of xserp.

Feature Release - 2.17.6

Data Generation to aid filing GSTR-3B

  • GSTR-3B filing aid - feature to reconcile Purchase Receipts with GSTR2B and generate data required for filing GSTR-3B
  • Provided another Template named Simple for printing Purchase Orders

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