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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dec 21, 2019

Enhanced ‘Create’ button

Objective: To enhance the visibility of Create new item button; to make it easier to find.


The flat create new item icon  was replaced with an enhanced & bigger button that will be easily visible to the user. Related buttons & fields placements were adjusted too.

In the mobile app too, the Invoice download link will have an additional prompt that asks if the User wants to regenerate the PDF.

Material Usage Report for Job-Work

Objective: To provide a report about material usage/consumption for a Job-Work (Out) & determine the usage efficiency.

Feature: In the Job Order edit page, a button ‘Material Usage’ will be available next to ‘Material Supplied’ button. Clicking on the button shall open a pop-up that will list all items delivered to the Supplier (Job-Work Party), collated from all the DCs supplied against this Job Order. The report highlights the difference between Expected quantity of consumption (based on BoM profiling) & the Actual quantity consumed (based on Job-Work DCs against the JO).

In the mobile app too, the Invoice download link will have an additional prompt that asks if the User wants to regenerate the PDF.

Limitations: When multiple Job-works are placed together & the respective BoMs have common items, the usage is determined proportionally & may not represent actual job-wise consumption.

Sales Return placement correction

Objective: To place Sales Return in appropriate location & group.

Feature: A new menu item ‘Sales Return’ is placed under the Sales menu, which will navigate to a page that will list only Sales Return GRNs. These GRNs will henceforth have a separate number sequence with code ‘SR’.
Sales module access permissions will be applicable to the Sales Return GRNs.

Limitations: The numbering of older Sales Return GRN won’t be corrected, they will just have their module code corrected to ‘SR’. Also such numbers under Sales Return that were earlier part of all other GRNs will also be found missing (as they are now available under ‘SR’ codes leading to discontinuity in numbers.

Issue Return/Internal Receipts

Objective: To maintain Item transactions within the Enterprise premises different from those received from outside as GRNs. Also to trace such internal transactions with reference to Issue Nos & to provide useful reports in the same regard.

Feature: A new menu item named ‘Issue Return / Internal Receipt’ is placed under the ‘Stores’ menu. This page will list all GRNs received against ‘Issues’ so far. The numbering will henceforth be identified with the module code ‘IR’. In Issue Edit page, a button ‘Materials Returned’ will be placed next to ‘Project’ field. This button shall open a pop-up that will list all Items received against the Issue under view.

Limitations:The numbering of older Sales Return GRN won’t be corrected, they will just have their module code corrected to ‘SR’. Also such numbers under Issue GRNs that were earlier part of all other GRNs will also be found missing (as they are now available under ‘IR’ codes leading to discontinuity in numbers.

Internal Stock Flow – Report

Objective: To provide a summary of Items issued to & received from a ‘Issued to’ entity (person/location/division/section).

Feature: A menu ‘Internal Stock Flow’ will be available under the ‘Stores’ → ‘Reports’, which will open a new Report page, with relevant filters.

Filter fields in the page shall be:

  • DATE RANGE – date range field default value to be ‘Last 20 days’
  • ISSUED TO – type-ahead drop-down listing all unique Issued To values| default ‘ALL’ option
  • MATERIAL NAME – type-ahead drop-down listing all profiled Materials listed in the format [DRAWING_NO] – [NAME] [MAKE – MPN] | default value shall be ‘ALL’
  • IGNORE ITEMS NOT TRANSACTED DURING THE SET PERIOD – checkbox, if checked, the search result shall ignore all items with RECEIVED & ISSUED/RETURNED quantities as ‘0’ for the said period
  • ‘Search’ – button – action shall be to load relevant report for the Filter Criteria

Data fetched will be based on the following list of rules

  • Issues with Issued on date defined by the Date Range – Sum of Quantity of Materials Issued via these Issues shall be found in the ‘RECEIVED’ column’s ‘QUANTITY’ sub-column & respective value will be QUANTITY * STOCK_VALUE
  • ‘GRN against Issues’ or ‘Issue Return’ with ‘GATE_INWARD_DATE’ falling within the Date-range filter will be taken into account for the ‘ISSUED/RETURNED’ column – Quantity from both MATERIALS RECEIVED & MATERIALS RETURNED section in such GRNs shall be considered for the Quantity summation
  • OPENING values will be SUM(ISSUED) – SUM(RECEIVED/RETURNED) values till the From Date of the Date range
  • CLOSING values will be SUM(ISSUED) – SUM(RECEIVED/RETURNED) values till the To-date specified in the Date Range

DC Reports with Returnable Items Info

Objective: To track returnable Items & related information in DC report.

Feature: In Search criteria of Stores → Report → DC Report page, two check-boxes ‘Returnable’ & ‘Non Returnable’ are added next to ‘Exclude Drafts’, both checked by default.

Functionality of these flag criteria will be

  • ‘Returnable’ check-box filter will fetch only DCs that has at least one item that is Returnable.
  • ‘Non-Returnable’ check-box filter will fetch only DCs that has no Returnable item. With both flags checked, all DCs shall be fetched.

The following columns shall be displayed as part of the report only when ‘Returnable’ check-box is checked.

  • RETURN DUE ON – DC Delivery Due Date
  • RETURN GRNs – list of all GRN nos via the Returnable DC Items were received
  • MATERIAL STATUS – shall be one of the following
    • Returned – when all Returnable Item quantity are received via GRN against DC
    • Part Returned – when only part of the Returnable quantity are received via GRN
    • Pending – when none of the Returnable Item quantity is returned
    • -NA- – when DC is rejected or DC has no Returnable Item
  • DELIVERY STATUS – value shall be one of the following
    • On Time – when all Returnable Quantity are returned before the Delivery Due date mentioned in DC
    • Delayed- when current date is beyond Delivery Due date & MATERIAL STATUS is either ‘Part Returned’ or ‘Pending’
    • Last Received On – the latest Gate Inward Date of the GRN received against this DC; if no GRN is received, this sub-field will not be displayed
    • -NA- – when DC is rejected or DC has no Returnable Item as part of it
  • OVERDUE – value shall be
    • 0 – if current date is not later than Last Received On found in DELIVERY STATUS & all Returnable Items are received OR if the DC is rejected OR if the DC has no returnable item as part of it
    • difference between delivery due date & current date – if MATERIAL STATUS is not ‘Partially Returned’ or ‘Pending’
    • difference between delivery due date & last received on – if MATERIAL STATUS is ‘Returned’ AND ‘Delivery due date’ < ‘Last received on date’

Invoice Template Changes

Objective: To provide some more configurable options for Invoice Templates & to resolve long-pending PDF generation bugs related to Multi-page settings.

Feature: One new feature was introduced & three features in configurations were removed, for two were found not-so-useful & one was a temporary fix to solve a long-standing issue.

  • Features added
    • Summary in First Page – flag to enable/disable Summary to be displayed in the first page, when the Invoice print runs for more than a page.
  • Features removed
    • Carry Forward Page Subtotals – not very useful
    • Brought Forward Page Subtotals – not very useful
    • Items per page – temporary fix to solve the page break issue was solved completely, making this feature unnecessary.

GSTR2 Purchase Report

Objective: To provide a report to aid GST reconciliation.

Feature: Provided a new Report named ‘GSTR2 Purchase Report’ under Accounts → Reports. The report will look like

Other minor changes

This release also includes a few minor changes, which includes the following

  • Quotation Date can be left empty in Purchase Order
  • Multi-select Checkboxes will now have a search utility
  • Make & MPN details are displayed in Stock Report
  • In any type of GRNs Super User can accept quantity more than the DC quantity


Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 73

Bug ID Summary Priority Criticality
6940 [Dashboard] Overdue table of receivables displayed in Payable popup for few seconds; Popup title should be Specific Overdue Normal normal
6959 [Ledger] – Loading should be displayed when import trial balance upload button is clicked Normal normal
6362 In[Audit-ICD],MPN not displayed with make in audit note section,after approve the GRN. High major
6841 [Icd] – Empty remark pop up gets displayed when ICD verified with remark and remark link clicked in edit page Normal normal
6730 In firefox, Expense edit page back button displayed page refresh pop up Low minor
6760 [GRN] – Unable to view edit page of a GRN by clicking on auto created GRN number received against Others for Material stock import Normal major
6791 [GRN] – Invoice value column does not displayed imported GRN value Normal major
5251 [PO] – Rejected po has two cancelled pages in pdf and # no gets displayed Low minor
7162 [GRN report] – Material name column should display material name with drawing no, make and mpn Normal major
7105 [Material issue/receipt report] – Oops error is displayed when view report clicked with last financial year date range Normal normal
7842 [Invoice Template] Last financial year Invoice records are not displayed Invoice Template configuration changes in the PDF pages High critical
7684 [Invoice Template] 3rd page of PDF still being displayed as shading Even ALTERNATIVE ROW SHADING has unchecked High major
7838 [Invoice Template] Watermark of “PREVIEW” text not displayed fully in the Multi page tab of PDF Preview pop up page Normal major
6986 [GRN – Sales return] – Material alignment in material list grid is different for material with and without qty Low minor
6747 Warning message is not displayed when GRN accepted Qty is edited and stock is less than MSL Highest critical
6749 Warning message is not displayed when GRN accepted Qty is updated and after update stock will be less than 0 High critical
7163 [GRN] PO number is not listed in drop down when partial qty is already received High critical
4559 [OCR]Import an invoice , GRN party name is not auto populated High major
6327 [GRN] Draft status GRN alone not displayed while search against Job work after Viewing pending gridlist by click on badge count of GRN High major
6492 [GRN] – Undefined gets displayed under material received tab after GRN saved High major
6564 In GRN add page party DC No doesnt display DC with materials in materials returned tab High major
6665 In GRN add page, Unable to update message is displayed in duplicate invoice number warning message High major
6703 In DC, after reject a Drafted DC material with GST tax,tax auto populated while adding the Same material. High major
6788 Warning message is not displayed when material has been removed in GRN edit page High major
6860 In[Stores-Issues]able to update the qty of the material less than the GRN qty of the material. High major
6876 In add GRN page, JO NO is not displayed in JO NO drop down when goods received checkbox is checked and party DC has materials in material returned tab High major
6894 [GRN -JO]Able to add GRN with shortage Qty more than shortage Qty in DC GRN for material in material returned tab High major
6895 [GRn JO] – Materials does not get removed when po no unchecked from GRn DC edit page High major
6988 In Edit GRN against issues page, pending materials are not displayed High major
7014 In GRN against issued edit page,update Qty verify warning message displayed when stock breaches minimum value is not displayed High major
7042 [GRN – Sales return] – Full bill value not settled in bill settlement pop up when conversion rate provided in Sales return GRN High major
7043 [GRN – Sales return] – Wrong Material count gets displayed when selected invoice has same materials in multiple OA High major
7053 In GRN agasint issues page , mpn is not displayed in material returned tab High major
7060 [GRN] Materials not loaded in material list grid when Invoice number is unchecked and checked again High major
7062 When click on next icon in GRN edit page, displays warning message to check goods received checkbox for a GRN with invoice toggle High major
7069 [GRN] – Empty grn number gets displayed on selecting all option in Received against drop down for old data High major
7083 [GRn – Sales return] – MPN is not displayed with the material in material table in add page High major
7088 In GRN edit page , material in material list grid takes 30 secs to load High major
7093 [GRN – Sales return] – GST options auto populate for wrong material when multiple invoice number selected High major
7108 [GRN] – Loading is not displayed in GRN edit page High major
7128 GRN PDF dosnt display properly when Approve/reject button is clicked before materials are loaded in material list grid in edit GRN page High major
7457 [Indent po] – When same supplier has two price profiles, then price profile with recent effective date only should get displayed High major
7507 In issue add page , bydefault “packed” is displayed in remarks feild High major
7690 [GRN] Received against Others list is empty High major
7695 [GRN] MSL warning popup displayed while adding the same material from different PO & Click on update button. High major
7714 GATE INWARD DATE is displayed by default in the edit GRN page the following value “16-09-08” High major
7771 [IRN] In edit IRN page, material for which Qty added in displayed twice High major
6322 In[Stores] While adding a new GRN against PO ,updated module count not displayed. Normal major
6769 [GRN] – Imported GRN displayed inspector name as user id instead of User name Normal major
6960 [GRN – Others] – Wrong make gets displayed in the GRN edit page Normal major
7003 In GRN against issues edit page issue number is not selected when Qty is not entered in material returned tab Normal major
7004 [GRN – Sales return] – DC Pending qty displayed in negative when GRN with goods checked material qty reduced from full qty Normal major
7007 [GRN – Sales return] – Remaining materials count not displayed for GRN with goods received checked having same materials but different make Normal major
7021 [GRN – Sales return] – ‘Note pending to approve’ notification should not display when GRN with DC toggle is approved Normal major
7259 In GRN agaisnt issues view page, when issue number is not selected “#PROFORMA” is displayed in ref doc column Normal major
6540 [GRN] – Wrong po no gets displayed in the po no drop down for non stock material in grn edit page High normal
6610 [GRN – Po] – Undefined gets displayed as material name when Party DC no Checked after session timeout Normal normal
6617 IN GRN popup double click on reject button “No action taken” popup is displayed Normal normal
6631 [GRN – PO] – Empty user id’s gets displayed in GRN pdf Normal normal
6699 [GRN – PO] – After warning pop up displayed, TAB is not working between fields to enter data Normal normal
6858 In[GRN against issue],Loading in progress displayed while updating Full pending qty for the issue material in the gridlist. Normal normal
6863 In GRN against sales return page, when a party DC no with GST is selected , GST is not autopopulated Normal normal
6978 [GRN JO] Able to Update the Drafted GRN by un check the JO number from the PURCHASE ORDER / DC NO drop down Normal normal
6980 Click on save in GRN against issues add page, mandatory error message should be “PLease add material” Normal normal
6997 In GRN against issues add page, when material added with 0 Qty displays wrong error message Normal normal
7000 [Sale Return] Tag added in invoice is not displayed on invoice number selection in SR add page Normal normal
7025 [Stores – GRN] Wrong error message pop up is getting displayed when user enter Accepted Qty more than Received Qty Normal normal
7055 [GRN][Edit] Select multiple PO and un-select then materials are not deleted from material list grid Normal normal
7056 [GRN – Others] – Party DC no, DC date and received through should not be displayed in edit page Normal normal
7096 [GRN] module badge count of GRN not updated after adding a new draft Normal normal
5635 [GRN] – After received against edit, need to click twice on option from PO/DC drop down to view materials Low normal
6979 [GRN – Sales return] – GRN inward number fields accepts more than 400 characters Low minor
7010 In GRN against issues page, Quantity feild accepts more than 9 digits Low minor


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