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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Feb 13, 2020

UI Improvements

Objective : To enhance the general look & feel of the improving ease of access, navigation & viewing.

Feature : Changes related to UI are manifold.

  • Top-bar has been given a new look.

One can notice a new button at the center of the top-bar. This is a pull-down menu to provide short-cut to create any new item, say Voucher, Invoice, PO, etc from anywhere in the application.

The title of the page is also moved up to overlap the top-bar, providing additional space in the main area to render relevant data.

  • Listing Page look & feel has been improved.

Search criteria have been aesthetically presented. Filled criteria are presented as Info-bubbles, clicking on which they can be edited. The ‘Quick Filter’ section has been moved to the left corner of the table.

The listing table has been fitted within a page & only the table-contents are scrolled. The download button has been moved to the bottom of the table, as the listing is always completely visible now.

Change Log – Voucher

Objective : To provide a trace of changes made to any Voucher.

Feature : A history icon will be available in the top right section of the Voucher Edit page, next to the ‘Prev’, ‘Next’ buttons. Clicking on this button will pull-down a section displaying a list of Edit history.
Clicking on the history item shall expand to show the details of the changes made in the Edit


Limitation: This feature is available only for Vouchers created after this release.


HR module Changes

  • Pay-Structure Bulk Upload – Provision to Upload multiple Pay Structures in one go will be available in the Employee listing page, similar in functionality to the Upload utilities available in other Master profile sections.
  • Pay-Slip Bulk Download & Mailing – In Attendance page, provision has been made to select Employees & download/email their pay-slips in bulk.
    The mail-sent status of each selected item will also be displayed in place.


Other Changes

  • Material Usage Report improvement – Though Material returned quantity was accounted for while calculating the usage, it does not provide a clear picture of how much more to be supplied & how much item is pending with the Supplier in excess of what should have been supplied.
  • More clarity in Bank Reconciliation summary – Earlier representation of Bank Reconciliation summary was too ambiguous. Rectified to present information with more clarity.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 7

Bug ID Summary Priority Criticality
7678 [BRS] Reconciliation summary is wrong High critical
6319 [PO] – Unable to save draft PO High critical
7773 [PO] – Unable to update or amend po High critical
8010 [Pay Structure] Should not allow duplicate description High major
7130 [PO] – In general po, approved supplier profile price is not displayed when Job order toggle is selected High major
7685 [Usage report] For BOM material expected qty displayed as 0 High major
7955 Issue raised notification is received when issue is updated High major
7974 Invoice approved notification is not displayed when Invoice is approveD High major
8024 Voucher pending count for approval is not updated when vouchers are approved High major
4390 PAyslip netvalue total displays wrong value High major
7884 [Mobile] User is not logout when password changed thru web application High major
5452 [Indent po] – Material is not displayed when count is updated High major
6920 Wrong unbilled total value gets displayed Normal major
3113 DC report should display PO code under REF column for Job work DC Normal major
7910 [DC] – Returnable tag is not displayed in the pdf Normal major
4427 Import employees with invalid date and blood group, no error message is displayed Normal normal
3264 In HR-> attendance page, when click on employee no , employee details should be viewed in next tab. Normal normal
3143 Issues when user logged in with only view access Normal minor
4400 In ledger page, mouse over on import button displays import vouchers, should be import trial balance Low minor

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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