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Material Sort Order – Invoice Template Config

Objective: To provide options to configure the order of listing of Item Particulars while printing.

Feature: A config radio-button named ‘Item Sort Order’ will be available under Items Section of the Invoice Template Config with three options, namely

  • Order of Entry – Items will be printed in the order of capture while creating Invoice
  • Item Name – Items will be printed in alphabetical order of Item name. Also, Item details will be of format [ITEM-NAME] [DRAWING-NO]
  • Item Code/Drawing No – Items will be printed in alphabetical order of Item Code/Drawing No. Item Details format will be [DRAWING-NO] [ITEM-NAME]

ICD Return to Stores

Objective:To provide for a way to review a Purchase Invoice in ICD and return it with comments to the Stores/Purchase for correction. 


Feature: A button named ‘Return’ will be available in the ICD page of the Purchase Invoice next to the ‘Checked OK’ button, after it was approved by the Stores/Purchase approval. Clicking on this button will collect remarks for the Return & will update the Status of the Purchase Invoice as ‘Returned’ which shall be available in the Purchase GRN listing page.

Limitation: For now, only ‘Return’ status is displayed in the listing page & not in the edit page. Also, a Returned GRN is not prohibited from further ICD process, like Checking & verification.

Purchase Items Invoiced Report

Objective:To provide a report of Items Invoiced after Receiving via DC.

Feature: For a GRN against Purchase Order received via DC, if at least some of the Items so received were Invoiced later (GRN against PO with Goods Already Received against the said GRN), a button ‘Items Invoiced’ will be available in its Edit page. The button shall open a pop-up report as shown.

Other Changes

    • Notification Improvements (Mobile) – So far mobile notifications were presented in a non-consolidated, unorganized manner. Now notifications will be grouped as per module & will be presented in a better-organized manner.
    • Party Invoice Date added in GRN report – In Stores → Reports → GRN Report, a column named ‘PARTY INV/DC DATE’ next to ‘PARTY INV NO’ is added.
    • Under the hood – Attachment handling in modules ‘GRN’, ‘Import Data Upload’ are modified. No changes in User Experience related to this though.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 28

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
6576 [Credit/Debit] – Party name drop down does not have frequently used High major
7027 In ‘Debit/Credit Note’ page, save a checked GRN /IAN verify Internal control is displayed as module name High major
6821 In mobile application GRN number is displayed , even when the GRN is amended by updating the inovice toggle as DC High major
7095 [GRN – Sales return] – Instead of approved GRN number, draft grn number gets displayed in the notification when GRN rejected High major
7920 Expenses notifications are not displayed High major
7999 Not able to attach document in materials High major
7223 [Sales – Custom Sales Report] Total value is displayed incorrect value in the Custom Sales Report page for “GROSS INVOICE VALUE” column to View Report. High major
7886 [Invoice Template] Firefox is not displayed the PDFs pop up for all modules High major
7907 [Invoice] lastUsedSupplierDetailsInvoice – DB Connection is not closed High major
7917 [Invoice Template] – Make is not displayed in the pdf when Part no is not checked High major
7916 S.NO not updated correctly even amid item removed from the Item table at Invoice edit page Normal normal
6818 [ICD] – GRN ICD is not displayed in verified status when GRN approved with only materials returned and without shortage or rejected High major
7061 In GRN add page, party DC no is not displayed when invoice raised for full accpeted Qty (shortage and rejected are not invoiced) High major
7085 In GRN add page, for default customer profiled currency is not displayed High major
7113 [Stores – GRN] Error message is not displayed when user uploading more than 10 MB in the new GRN Attachment section High major
7495 [IRN] Batch count displayed in menu and total displayed inview page when click on batch count is not equal High major
7710 [IRN] – Instead of username, email id gets displayed in remark history pop up for imported IRN High major
7865 [IRN] Not able to update IRN by adding material in material received tab when IRN has no received material High major
7869 [GRN-PO] PO NO is not displayed in PO no dropdown when Invoice GRN raised for partial DC Qty High major
7998 In ICD CLick on GRN , in audit page party invoice tab attachment added in GRN is not displayed High major
6897 In GRN add page, warning message to select goods received checkbox is displayed even when selected PO has pending materials Normal major
7086 [GRN – Sales return] – GRN number is not displayed in the super edit warning pop up Normal major
7911 [DC] – PO date field should not be restricted w.r.t. Book closure date Normal major
7570 [DC report] Clarify ,For drafted DC do we need to display delivery status and pending Qty? High normal
7914 [JDC] – Able to enter more than 20 characters in HSN feild in PO materials popup Normal normal
7931 In items invoiced popup , non stock material rows are not highlighted in red Normal normal
7937 In[Stores-GRN],Item code is displayed in item invoiced popup instead of Item name. Normal normal
7912 User without super edit access changes landing page then all permission gets removed for the user High critical

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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