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2.17.3 – Purchase Order Print Template


August 03, 2021

Purchase Order Print Template

Objective : To provide Templates & configuration options to customize the PO Print documents generated.

Feature: The Purchase Order Print Template customization utility page can be reached through either of the ways listed below:

  • Navigate through the menu Settings –> Print Templates –> Purchase Order
  • Click on the Print Template Configuration icon in the Utility bar in the Purchase Order list page.

The page provides configuration options for various document print aspects. Find them demonstrated in the below video grabs.

1. General Config Options like Date Format, Page Setup

2. Header Configs incl. of Logo, its size, Title, Header items

3. Item Table Config Options

4. Totals Section Config Options

5. Miscellaneous Options & Preview Configs

Limitation: Only one Template option, Compact, is available now. More templates like Simple & Elegant will be available later.

Other Changes

In Invoice Edit page, now a cache-based user preference to display field labels customized via Invoice Print Template Config utility is provided for.

Element placements are optimized for better Usability in Invoice Edit page.

  • Max Issue guide is placed below the Quantity field in the Add Item section
  • Currency Conversion Rate capture is placed just below the currency field
  • Item level Remarks are now available below the Item Description





Bugs Fixed

No of Bugs Fixed: 14

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
14227 [BILL SETTLEMENTS] Bill Settlement download as CSV file tool tip not correctly displayed normal Normal
14233 [IAN] – Unable to return Party acknowledged note major High
14417 [Material] – BOM costing exchange rate displayed for home currency major High
14400 [Material] – Records not displayed in bom costing popup major High
14351 Tax Report: GST Number column required major High
14349 GSTR-1 Sales Report major High
14282 [SE] – PDf is not displayed in the pdf popup major High
14222 [OA] – Instead of Currency of selected party, home currency of the enterprice gets auto populated in add page major Normal
14298 Default label/template label toggle button is not displayed proper alignment in create invoice page compare on approved status in Invoice page normal Normal
14371 [Sales report] – Report is not generated critical High
14274 [GRN] – Note preview button is not displayed for GRN with pending status major High
14328 Materials Received and Materials Returned accepted qunatity has been summed up while profiling GRN agsinst JO major High
13436 Set Maximum Length of character for all the Text field [Data-collection] normal Normal

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