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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Nov 13, 2019

Invoice Template – DC related options

Objective: To provide configurations specific to Delivery Challan print, as DC print too follows Invoice Template configurations.

Feature: Two DC related label configs are added in the Header tab:

  1. ‘Delivery Challan’ under the ‘FORM NAME’ section
  2. ‘DC No’ under the ‘FIELD NAME’ section

These two field labels will be applicable only for DCs.

Mobile App – Force/Recommended Update

Objective:To intimate the Mobile App users of new updates available to the app & recommend them to keep the app updated, at times, enforce them to update the app to continue usage owing to backward-incompatible updates.

Feature: Whenever a new version of the XSerp Mobile app is available for update, existing app users will be shown one of the following pop-ups, depending on the nature of the Update released.

  1. Recommended Update – Clicking on ‘Update Later’ will allow the user to access the app as it is while clicking on ‘Update Now’ will take the user to the PlayStore to update the app.
  2. Forced Update – the user cannot proceed to use the app without updating the App.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 10

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
7450 [Mobile] Force Update / Recommended update High major
7515 [Invoice Template] Alternate row shading is not displayed in the 2nd page when user deselect the S.No field in Invoice template Normal normal
7449 [Enhancement]Bulk Notification High major
7426 [invoice template] Invoice number field name entered in invoice template should not be reflected in DC Normal major
7438 [Invoice template]Uncheck all checkboxes in item table and check again verify the item table is not displayed properly in preview Normal major
7456 [Material] – Add MPN pop up should not be displayed when add button clicked without adding make Normal major
7427 [Invoice Template] – HSN/SAC column name is overlapped on qty column when Party of item details checkbox unchecked Normal normal
7430 [Invoice Template] – In firefox, Material table row separator is not available after column names when Tax rate/amount checkbox unchecked Normal normal
7453 [Invoice template] Unit in Qty column overlaps with row separator normal normal
7469 [Invoice template] Alternate row shading , shade displayed for authorized signature in the second page when CF/BF is disabled Normal normal

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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