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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            May 09, 2020

Invoice Print Template – Banner/Badge config

Objective: To provide configuration to add image strips depicting any certification or promotional content in the Invoice Print Configuration.

Feature: In the Miscellaneous (Misc.) section of the Invoice Template Configuration page, a sub-section named ‘Banner Images’ is provided for. It allows profiling a maximum of six images to be printed in Invoice. The six images are grouped into two strips, namely Header & Footer, of three images along with Left, Center & Right positions, with the height of each strip separately configurable.


The images uploaded will be reflected in the Invoice/DCs printed thereafter.


Other Changes

This release packs a lot of micro enhancements that enable better CRM, & seed features which will be nurtured in future releases. A list of such features are

  • Hotkeys – a.k.a Keyboard Shortcuts are provided for frequent actions


    • Login/Sign Up page facelift – to keep the pages consistent with the home page.

  • reCaptcha – during Sign Up checks any bot attacks or DDoS attacks, thereby enhancing security

    • Utility Strip – to organize the many utilities that will be available across pages, which includes Calculator, Change log, Hotkey reference, Tours

  • Provision to collect Feedback from users has been placed in the new Logout/Session Expiry landing page.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 9

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
Change log
8158 Change log does not display voucher type update log when changing from book closure (BC) to General (GV) High major
8727 Save configuration by checking indent checkbox and verify change log displayed as ICD changed to indent High major
6904 ‘None’ should not displayed in PDf when company registration details not provided High major
8188 Oops error is displayed in Invoice template page High major
7100 In mobile ,purchase module , click on pending purchase order verify the purchase order detials page (UI issue) Normal major
4965 In mobile stores module, indent status should dispaly as of status, date feilds can be hided Normal normal
7831 In mobile when media access is denied while login when click on PDF link, should display permission popup Normal normal
8580 In OA email popup mandatory error message not displayed when click on email button without entering email id in “to” feilds Low minor
7913 Admin user should not be modified the Super user access provisions High major
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