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2.17.5 – Goods & Services segregation


Oct 25, 2021

Goods & Services segregation

Objective : To organize items better, especially by differentiating Goods & Services, to pack relevant features in together.

Feature: Goods and Services are listed through separate menus labelled respectively under the Profiles section.

Items profiled under Goods and those that profiled under Services menus will have fields derived from the erstwhile common profile. The changes are listed below.

  • Common Changes
    • Category options are exclusive – i.e., category under Goods section will not be available for Services by default. It has to be created for each of them separately
  • Good Item Profile
    • HSN/SAC – will be labelled as HSN
    • Bill of Materials can have Service Items too as part of its components
  • Services Item Profile
    • HSN/SAC will be labelled as SAC
    • SPQ, Non-Stockable, Make fields will not be available, as it’s not relevant for Services.
    • Service Package feature is realized on the lines of Bill of Materials
    • Specifications section has been removed, as it needs further refining to make it relevant for Services

Financial Statement – Project based

Objective : To provide appropriate filter option to enable running Financial Statements for a subset of all Projects.

Feature: Account Statement now has Project field as part of the filter.

Other Changes

Invoice Print Template now have option to print Primary Unit, if an Item was accounted in alternate Unit in Invoice.

Item addition too has been reworked to make it more compact & user-friendly.

    • GRN Item addition
    • Purchase Order Item Addition
    • Invoice / DC / Issue Item Addition

Bugs Fixed

No of Bugs Fixed: 22

Bug ID Component Summary Priority Severity
15439 Accounts OOPS error is displayed when clicking on Generate button in statement High critical
15244 Accounts [ Accounts ] ” Goods (Work-In-Progress & Finished) ” total should not be editable High major
15262 Accounts [Accounts] When we clicking on the Calculator icon, closed book popup is getting displayed High major
15433 Profiles OOPS error is displayed when added Price profile alternative unit with max length in service/Goods page High major
14592 Profiles [Max length] Price and Min.order Qty fields is not displayed in proper alignment in price profile material page Normal normal
15437 Purchase Price value is not displayed when choosing indent number on the PO page High major
15002 Purchase [UI Change] Total value & GST values are overrided in the PO edit page when adding values with max length High major
14637 Purchase Grand total is not displayed full value in purchase page Normal normal
15345 Sales [Einvoice] State code error is throwing while einvoice generation High major
15178 Sales Decimal value is not displayed total price column in SE page Normal normal
15256 Sales [Accounts ] [ Invoice ] Material Name field mandatory error message overwritten in the “Item Particular Section” Normal normal
15030 Sales “Add new material” text is displayed in the Material field Normal normal
15311 Stores [Job in return] – Party dc no drop down is not updated when Party changed before Party dc no drop down loaded High major
15029 Stores [Indent po] – Undefined gets displayed when purchase button clicked High major
9831 Stores [GRN Others] – Update button is not enabled when material deleted High major
15436 Stores [JDC] – Material added from po materials popup from edit page not displayed High major
15015 Stores [UI Change] Select OA label alignment is displayed incorrcetly in the new GRN page High major
15263 Stores [ Accounts ] ” Calculator icon & Hot keys ” missing in the stock report High major
15300 Stores ” Approved Issue ” mail function not working Normal major
15035 Stores Incorrect details are displayed in the material Requested Text box when Selected service materials in material drop down Normal major
15366 Stores [GRN] Greyed out text should display as “Enter DC No” inside the Party DC No field while toggling from Invoice to DC in the New GRN page Normal normal
15031 Stores S-service tag is not displayed on the Edit Issue page Normal normal
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