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New Feature

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            August 12, 2020

Sales Estimation

Objective :  To provide Sales Estimate/Quote Documentation, enabling the Users to share Sales Quotes with their Customers.

Feature :  This new feature is available at Sales → Sales Estimate. Functional behaviour of this module is similar to any documentation module in the application, i.e., it has

    • a listing page


    • a Create/Edit Page with navigations


    • PDF generation with Send mail options



    • Minor PDF print configurations


A few new changes in the Functional aspects are introduced with Sales Estimate, which may be provided for in other modules as & when deemed necessary & fit. They are:

    • 6 Document Statuses, namely Draft, Approved, Reviewed, Rejected, Client Approved & Client Rejected.
    • Of these the Client Approved & Client Rejection can be captured directly from the User’s Customer/Client, a third party achieved via action buttons embedded in the Sales Estimate email. Such links are valid for a limited period, post which they have to handle it manually. This is a first in our application, which may be extended to other modules.


  • Profiling multiple Sales Contacts for Sales Estimate is provided for. The contacts will be profiled as part of the Enterprise Contact directory & will be fetched from the same.

Limitation:For now, Sales Estimate is available as a stand alone document, without any link to Order Acknowledgement or Invoice. This will be handled in subsequent release.


Other Minor Changes

    • OA listing table has been rearranged to remove redundant UI elements & provided them as mouse-over float buttons.
    • Sales Revenue value in Dashboard to reflect only Current FY
    • Sales Revenue Chart in Dashboard to reflect Current FY vs Last FY month-on-month comparison.

  • OA will now have provision to capture HSN/SAC & Discount details too

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 26

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
Change log
10042 [Migration] Material history table migration to MaterialChangelog High major
9858 [Settings – Enterprise Profile] Delivery Schedules, Multiple Units of Measurement & Gate Inward checkbox changes are not tracked in the Change Log High major
10046 [Auditing] GRN appears more than once in the ICD listing High critical
5261 In mobile sales module, payment collection chart displays wrong value High major
9863 In mobile auditing tab GRN detials page , alternate unit is not displayed in material list grid Normal major
9864 In mobile Material / material supplier overview page, material store price is not displayed instead price added in selected invoice / po is displayed Normal major
7659 [Sales] – unit is not displayed in Material Overview screen on clicking material name of pending OA Normal normal
8299 [Stores] In store check, material report displays receipt number with Qty as 0 Normal normal
4868 Material rate should be dispalyed in 5 decimals in all pages Normal normal
7129 In mobile, auditing tab click on any GRN, in material details panel, Inv Qty columns displays sum of shortage and rejected Qty Normal normal
8902 In mobile when material is searched in material list page, the material is displayed twice Normal normal
8919 In mobile click on auditing panel displayed “OOPS access denied” when auditing tab is displayed should display “Enterprise not configured” Normal normal
10052 [Material] Change doesnot display the user detail in the Old change logs. High major
9865 [Material] – Alternate unit popup gets displayed when cursor moved from conversion rate field Normal normal
9796 [PO Dashboard] Update Ontime Supplies considering through delivery schedule High major
9876 [PO Material wise Report] implement the delivery schedule concept of delivery inside the reporting High major
9877 [PO wise Report] implement the delivery schedule concept of delivery inside the reporting High major
9799 [PO] – For old po next delivery date gets displayed as undefined and 0 High major
9860 In PO dashboard Ontime supplied bar chart displayed in descending order High major
6917 ON time supplies chart is not displayed in Sales dashboard High major
9788 In invoice add page material list grid displays MSL warning when goods already supplied is checked High major
9906 In sales estimate edit page click on prev or next icon displays blue screen High major
9936 [GRN] – Materials of the selected Po no from last of the drop down is not displayed High major
9749 Not able to add GRN without gate inward number , displays duplicate error when gate inward field is empty High major
9337 Rows of the report gets extended outside the table High normal
10036 [Indent] material not added while created from add new material link in the indent Normal normal

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.


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