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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            July 03, 2020

Item Code/Drawing Number is now Editable

Objective : To enable Edit of Item Code/Drawing Number of a Material Item.

Feature : Drawing Number field in Material Edit page is now editable by User with Approve level Access for Admin module.
Though this feature appears simple, it was made difficult due to a small design flaw – the Item Code was kept as the key reference across the system. Correcting this design warranted the long time it took to materialize, as multiple rounds of testing was necessary to ensure this design change does not break the application.

Limitation: The changes made for the Item profile is not tracked now, which will be available in the next immediate release 2.15.3

PO Print Configuration Changes

Objective : To provide a few more configuration options for PO print.

Feature : Two additional configuration options provided are:


1.  Registration Details – This section will list all Registration Details profiled for the Enterprise. Users can select those Registration Details that need to be part of the Printed PO Document. It will be printed in the top right corner of the PO Document.
2.  Include HSN/SAC in Item Details – a config flag to include/exclude HSN/SAC details in the Printed PO Document. HSN/SAC details profiled for the Item will be available in the Item Description.

Limitation: The changes will be reflected in the documents being generated/approved after such configurations are made. Regenerating already created documents will be available in subsequent versions to rectify this.


GRN – Gate Inward Number Config Options

Objective : To provide additional config options for the GRN’s Gate Inward number

Feature : In addition to the config that decides Inward Number’s necessity while capturing GRN details, we have provided three more options

  • Unique for FY – enabling this configuration, will check if the Inward Number captured in GRN is unique for the Financial Year in which the Inward Date falls – any deviation will be alerted to the User & the action will be blocked.
  • Automate – this config will generate Inward Numbers automatically, by incrementing from the previous inward number. By default, this config will render the field Non-Editable
  • Editable – this config is necessary only when the ‘Automate’ option is enabled. This is to override the default ‘Automate’ behavior of rendering the field Non-editable.

Indent Type – Purchase Account link

Objective : To enable accounting Purchases made for specific Indent Types in their respective Purchase Accounts.

Feature : Changes are reflected in the Indent, PO & GRN pages.

  • Indent Changes – Indent Type field will now read as ‘Purchase Account (Indent Type). All Ledgers profiled under Purchase Account & its sub-groups will be directly listed as Indent Types.
  • PO Changes – Indent Type field will be the same as in Indent, i.e., Indent Types being picked from Ledgers directly. This will be auto-populated from the selected Indent, but will be editable.
  • GRN Changes – Indent Type list box will be the same as in Indent & PO. The Field value will be auto-populated from the selected PO, but will be editable. GRN against Purchase, with received as ‘Invoice’ will be accounted to the respective Purchase Accounts that correspond to the Indent Type.

Other Minor Changes

This release features quite a few minor & under-the-hood changes, which are listed below.

  • HSN/SAC code can be included in Material Bulk Import.
  • In Accounts Dashboard
    1. In Income vs Expense graph, Income & Expense for a month can’t be compared, as they were plotted in opposite directions. This was rectified now.
    2. In the Sales Revenue graph, Book Closure values were ignored, as they skew the graph wrongly.
  • PO listing page tabulation has been altered – removing redundant columns & elements.
  • Sign-Up will now ask for OTP confirmation. reCaptcha has been altered accordingly.
  • Mobile App bundling has been altered to optimize the APK – no change in User experience.
  • DB collation has been altered to UTF-8. This will now enable accepting of Excel characters & special characters like ±, which was not possible earlier.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 64

Bug ID Summary Priority Severity
6560 [Accounts] Voucher Number is not populated when user selecting Ledger from the PARTICULAR drop down in BRS page High critical
5293 Add Google analytics for mobile app Highest major
8713 [Voucher] – Unable to create cash voucher High major
7028 In add note page, duplicate invoice number message is not displayed when invoice linked with another manual note High major
7215 [Manual note] – Oops error is displayed when maximum characters entered in receipt no field High major
8343 In audting for checked GRN non po materials GST tax are not displayed High major
8158 Change log does not display voucher type update log when changing from book closure (BC) to General (GV) High major
8476 ICD existing grid list details are not displayed while checking already “Verified” status & Save the page High major
6820 In mobile Auditing tab should be disabled when , ICD is unchecked in configuration High major
7099 In mobile accounts module, NA is displayed in Profit and loss graph High major
8005 Expenses notification should be displayed only for user who creates the expenses High major
8778 Rate Approvel API is not working in Mobile High major
5091 Able to amend PO without any change High major
7065 In PO dashboard,items recently received tab doesnt display PO sub number High major
7068 [Quick po] – Price profile with pending status amount gets displayed in the add page of the material High major
7131 [PO] – Supplier drop down does not get updated when po/jo toggle is updated High major
7321 In PO dashboard, Purchase expense value displayed in negative(debit value should be positive) High major
7365 [PO] – Unable to create po with single quotation mark in material name for non stock material High major
8144 In PO edit page material supplied popup faulty tag is no displayed High major
8160 In PO PDF quotation no ,PO no and date is not diplayed when Quotation number entered more than 32 High major
7154 [Po pending report] – Wrong Received and pending qty gets displayed for approved po High major
7432 [Invoice Template] OOPS error is displayed when user copy & paste the text more than 140 characters in the FOOT NOTE text & Save High major
7948 No error message displayed when same item added in the item table High major
8509 IN draft OA edit page materia received and material usage reprots are displayed High major
8712 [SR] – ‘received Goods are yet to be Invoiced’ popup is not displayed when invoice number checked from drop down High major
8783 [Invoice – PDF] Signatory section not displayed. High major
5818 [GRN] – ‘No changes made’ warning not displayed when GRN is amended without any changes High major
6374 In[Stores-Stock report],MPN name is not displayed with material & make in PO pending report. High major
7103 [Issue] – Unable to save issue with soft warning for material with positive and negative msl High major
7107 [Issue] – BOM popup does not display max issue qty as per selected issue date High major
7859 [GRN – DC] MSL warning message is not displayed when inward date is updated High major
8607 [ICD] – Purchase and invoice tab should not be displayed when GRN created without PO High major
8823 Enterprise registration intimation mail not sent High major
8776 Not able to reset password thru forgot password link send thru mail High major
7960 ICD notification is displayed when Internal audit is disabled in configuration Normal major
8354 Bulk notification displayed twice in mobile Push notification Normal major
8781 If not add make,the make is empty box displaying in Price profile Normal major
7013 Oops error gets displayed on clicking Xserp Logo Normal major
8248 IN invoice / DC edit page, approved date is displayed when invoice/ DC is saved Normal major
8775 [GRN] GRN edit page UNIT PRICE field displayed only two decimal places (Ex. 5.12) where provided more than two (Ex. 5.12345) Normal major
8779 Session is not logout when home page is open and logout from other tab Normal major
8766 [Invoice Template] – Session out page not displayed when PDF Preview button clicked after session timeout High normal
7136 [PO] – Current date gets displayed in Delivery due on date when prev and next button clicked from po edit page High normal
6255 [Sales][Dashboard] values displayed in the payment collection with OnTime & Delayed values. High normal
7675 [Invoice Template] “Untitled” is getting displayed just above the Invoice & DC pdf page High normal
8276 [DC]Super edit warning message not displayed while Uncheck OA number & updating the DC. High normal
8786 Version number is not displayed in the Contact Us page Normal normal
7040 Approved Notification displayed for rate approval should display material name with make and mpn Normal normal
7020 [Sales Return] ‘Notes pending for approval’ notification should appear with reduced count by 1 when Approved SR rejected Normal normal
7577 [ICD] – When SR checked without note value then ‘Notes are checked for verification’ notification count not updated Normal normal
7726 [IR] – ‘Pending for approval’ notification should not be displayed when Approved IR is rejected Normal normal
7729 [IR] – ‘Pending for approval’ notification should not be displayed when draft IR is updated Normal normal
7964 Notification count for Purchase order pending for approval is not updated when reviewed PO is submitted for approval Normal normal
8035 Pending count notification is not displayed when loggedin and notification received for first time Normal normal
7515 [Invoice Template] Alternative row shading is not displayed in the 2nd page when user deselect the S.No field in Invoice template Normal normal
7683 [Invoice Template] All the PDF 1st page item table exceed the page layout when Taxable Amount checkbox has deselected Normal normal
7586 [DC] – GRN number in Return materials po pup should be in link Normal normal
7778 [Stores-DC],While navigating using Previous & Next button,New page name is displayed in loading time. Normal normal
8758 Banner images are displayed in issue PDF Normal normal
8164 Calendar pop is moved to top left corner of the page while user clicks on Custom Range in calendar pop up Normal normal
8717 Code Refactoring Whole Application- Constant Variable declaration Normal normal
8751 [GRN] – Only 6 digits of Po no gets displayed in add page after po no selection Normal normal
8784 Removal of unused Tables Normal normal
8782 Once user logged in “Import” menu is not displayed in settings pull down menu Normal normal

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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