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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mar 06, 2020

Invoicing Goods already Supplied

Objective: To provide for sending Invoices to Customers for Goods that have already been supplied as part of Sales. This is especially useful for those Enterprises that supply Goods continuously & raise Invoices for them in period cycles, say, monthly.

Feature: This enhancement demands changes across different sections – Invoice, Delivery Challan, Print Templates. They are explained below.

    • DC – will now have an OA multi-selection field placed next to the ‘Return Date’ field. It is similar in functionality for the OA No field in Invoice, enabling smart-population of Items agreed upon a Sale.
  • Invoice – will now have a check-box ‘Goods Already Supplied’ next to ‘Tax applicable on Reverse Charge’ check-box. Checking this flag will replace the OA No field with a multi-select DC No field named ‘Supplied DCs’). It is a two-part filter field where the first half filters the FYs, the second half lists those non-invoiced DCs for the selected FYs.

Selecting the DCs shall open a pop-up with the items already supplied, but waiting to be Invoiced. The particulars are consolidated Item-wise & expandable to view DC-wise split-up. Items added below shall also have this consolidated view
  • Invoice Templates – too have corresponding changes in the Item Table configurations. The section will have a DC No configuration under the ‘Item Details’ section, just below the OA No settings. Once all details are enabled the Description/Details section shall be printed as shown. When items supplied via multiple-DCs are invoiced, configured details of all such DC’s will be available for the Item

Purchase Order not Mandatory anymore

Objective: To enable recording Purchase Invoices without having to have placed a corresponding Purchase Order against the Party.

Feature: In GRN, the Received Against option ‘Purchase Order’ is renamed as ‘Purchase’

In the Configurations Page → General Info → Features section, a new Flag ‘Purchase Order Mandatory’ is provided for. Said feature will be available by default for existing User Enterprises, but not for new Enterprise sign-ups.

If enabled, the functionality is the same as the current one, i.e., recording Purchase details in GRN against ‘Purchase Order’, and if it’s disabled, the GRN against Purchase will now have an add Item section, similar to the ones available in Invoice, OA modules.

Limitation: Only profiled Material Items shall be added now in such GRN against Purchase.

BoM Costing

Objective: To provide a downloadable costing sheet for a Product, profiled with BoMs.

Feature:In the ‘Bill of Materials’ section of the Material profile edit page, a new button ‘BoM Costing’ has been placed to the left of ‘Import’ & ‘Export’ buttons. The button will open a pop-up of the BoM Costing report, with details fetched based on ‘Recent Valid & Cheapest Prices’ profiled against different Suppliers. This Pricing sheet follows the same logic as in the Indent-PO bucket construction.

Limitation: The pricing logic is limited to Cheapest valid, none of the alternate parties/prices form part of the report. Such information will be added to the report in subsequent releases.

Other Changes

  • Issue Document – Now an option to generate documents is provided for Issues. Invoice Template changes will be reflected in these documents as well
  • Mobile Changes – Logo has been upgraded to the new one.

Bugs Fixed

Total Bugs fixed: 16

Bug ID Summary Priority Criticality
7252 In invoice edit page OA popup, pending Qty displays wrong Qty High major
8014 [Invoice] In invoice edit page, view OA materails pop up doesnt display materials with pending Qty High major
8038 In edit DC page material returned button should be displayed only when DC has atleast one returnable material High major
8056 INvoice PDF doesnt display material when invoice created by adding same material and different HSN High major
8229 [Delivery challan],Item invoiced button not displayed in the approved DC. High major
6900 [Voucher] – Save button turns processing and remains like that when GV changed to BV with duplicate BV number Normal major
8118 IN indent po page, when supplier bucket is splitted the supplier bucket is displayed under others panel Normal major
8138 In general po add page, when indent number is selected material others tab should be hided Normal normal
7420 [Invoice] – Materials are not removed when customer is changed and OA number is removed from the drop down Normal major
7454 [Invoice] – Delivery address and GSTIN is not auto populated when selected new party is profied with address Normal major
7433 Only customers gets displayed in the Customer drop down in invoice add page Normal normal
7435 [Invoice] – Warning pop up is not displayed when issue date is selected as past date to Po date Normal major
8047 [OA] – List grid should display as per prepared on date Normal major
8059 In JDC add page when jo is selected PO date feild should display PO date of the selected JO Normal major
8178 Indent pending report displays wrong GRN Qty when multiple PO and JO raised for same indent Normal major
8167 Label name is displayed “Supplier Name” instead of “Issued To” in the Internal Stock Flow report Low normal

Known Issues and Planned Changes that will be delivered in subsequent releases shall be found here.

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