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The movement of stock within the firm is recorded through issue options. Issuing the material/stock from stores for production or other operations are captured as Issues.

Creating issue

  • Go to Stores >> Issue.
  • Issue page will open click + Create.
  • Fill out the details in the field.
  • Click Save.
Field Description
Tag Enter the keyword if required
Project You can create and choose the project to which this material belongs to or choose internal as default
Issued to Enter the name of the person or the department to whom the material is issued
Issued for Enter the purpose of the issue or the process 
Material Choose the material from the drop down
Quantity Enter the quantity 
Remark Enter remarks if needed
+ add Click the + button and add more item to the list 
BOM+ You can also list out the BOM list in bulk by clicking this button

Note : Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.

Note: Material can be added base on the maximum issue level.

Saving the issue will generate a unique number for this record.


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