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Configure with Xserp AI Chat 

Xserp provides various features that you can enable/disable before starting up.

Note: All these feature configurations work in combination, say for example, when ICD process is Automated along with Voucher scrutiny, then all the ICD process will be automated, but Vouchers resulting from the process will still warrant manual intervention.

Welcome aboard

Set up your company profile by just clicking your required preference.

 Features Description

Gate Inward No Mandatory 

This option will enforce mandatory capture for Gate Inward No data while capturing GRNs.

Q: Do you want to maintain the gate inward number mandatory to all your GRN?

Click Yes Sure, to enable this feature or click No, I don’t to disable this feature.

Negative Stock / Negative Inventory 

You can handle you Stock flow both Internal and external through Issues and Internal receipt that occurs  based upon the stock available. 

Enabling this feature will help you with issuing your stock beyond null or set limit.

Q: Do you maintain Negative inventory?

Click Yes Occasionally, to enable this feature, or Click Not at all, to restrict stock issue beyond the set limit.


Indent serves as a request form that a store keeper or a production manager can raise for the material required and pass it to the purchase team.Enabling this feature will make the Indent available for the Enterprise Users in Stores section, PO creating and editing pages & relevant reports. 

Q: Do you deal with indent to maintain inventory?

Click Yes to enable this feature or click No to disable.

Purchase Order mandatory

This feature is to make purchase order mandatory.

Q: Would you like to enforce Purchase Order for every purchase?

Click yes to enable this feature, enabling this feature would ask you to prepare PO to enter any purchase information or click No to disable this feature, this allows you to record purchase invoice directly. 

Internal Control 

ICD will make the relevant features available in GRN & Expenses processing. Based upon the Purchase Order raised and the Invoice issued by the supplier, Xserp compares between the rates, quantity and other parameters and generate the audit note for your verification.  

Q: Would you like us to set up an Internal Control Department for it?

Click Cool, Do it, clicking this will enable the Internal audit module, or click That won’t be necessary, this would disable internal audit.

  • Ignore Credit Note for Purchase – to skip or include Credit-side suggestion of Purchases for note creation.

Q: Would you want us to ignore any favorable deviations (those that might result in credit notes)?

Click Yes to enable or click No to disable.

  • Generate Debit & Credit Notes for Purchase Automatically – to enable or disable automation of the Internal Control process, depending on other related configurations enabled suggestions.

Q: Would you want us to draft Debit & Credit notes automatically?

Click Yes or click No.

Enable scrutiny of Auto-generated Vouchers 

Xserp will certainly help you in Accounts and Finance. We create voucher / journal entries for your Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Bill  settlements etc.

Q: Do you want to validate them before taking them into Accounts?

Click Yes, This feature will mandate vouchers generated by system from various processes like Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Internal Control to be generated in draft state, in order to provide a chance for the Accounts team to validate such vouchers manually.

Or click No that makes all system vouchers directly be generated in approved status. 

Thus answering this question will set your account ready to use.

Xserp process flow

The Flowchart of how your Xserp Account works will be displayed, and you can check and make any changes in this flow and proceed further. 

Click Next button.

You can also edit your process flow in the middle. 

Click Settings button >> Enterprise profile.

Take a tour over the options by clicking the flag button on the top right.

click Save, after setting up the flow.

Import data

Bulk upload window will open and provides the option to upload your database if you have already prepared.

From Excel, clicking this option will provides with sample document that you can prepare and upload.

From Tally XML, click this option to migrate your database from tally to Xserp.

Click Finish, you can also skip uploads by clicking finish.

Or click Settings button >> Imports.

Follow the above steps.

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