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Internal control

Internal audit

This module will sense the deviation between your Purchase order and Party’s invoice, comparing parameters like Rate difference, Received quantity, Accepted quantity, Shortage quantity, Profiled Price and proceed for your verification.

 This process occurs automatically once the GRN has been approved.

Verifying an Audit note 

  • Go to Audit module in the left menu bar.
  • Click Internal Control.
  • You can find the approved GRN in the list with the status Pending at the end of the column.
  • Click the GRN number.
  • All documents related to this transaction will list out.
  • Tabs – Party Invoice, Audit note, Receipt(GRN), Purchase order.

Party invoice  –  here shows the party invoice and its details with checkbox. 

Audit note  –  here shows the deviation and its corresponding note value with checkbox.

Receipt  – here shows the GRN related to this transaction.

Purchase Order  –  here shows your PO related to this transaction.

  • Tick the available check box. 
  • Click Checked OK button.
  • the system redirects to the Internal control page.
  • the status of the note will be changed as Checked. 
  • click the status Checked. 
  • The PDF preview of the audit note will open.
  • Click the Verify button.
  • The audit note will be verified and its corresponding voucher will be generated automatically in the voucher module.
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