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Dashboard – Stores

The Dashboard available in the Sales module portrays the following.

Let us have a look at the various sections In the Dashboard.

Stock Statement

This Section will show the value of the stock under each head under the selected date range.

  • Opening Stock – Value of the Opening stock
  • Receipts – Value of the Goods recorded GRN
  • Issues – Value of the goods recorded issues
  • Closing Stock – Value of the Closing stock


This section will display the number of Indent pending with the split up of Due to PO and Due to Material.

Clicking on the numbers will redirect to the Indent page.

Monthly Closing Stock 

This Section will show the graphical represents of the Closing Stock.

This Graph shows Rupee Vs Month. 

Stock Mix 

This Section will show the pictorial representation of the stock mix based on the Category defined.

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