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In Xserp , Voucher are generated automatically based on the “GRN“, “PO“, “Sales Invoice

  • Auto generated voucher will initially in the Draft mode with the Prefix “TMP” Along with Draft number 
  • According to the Accounting golden rule, the “Dr” and “Cr”, will be Assigned 
  • You can check and Approve the Voucher 
  • After Approval the Draft Number will be converted into Voucher Number with Prefix Like.
Type Description
SV  – Sales Voucher Based on Sales Invoice created
PV – Purchase Voucher Based on PO generated and GRN entries
GV – General Voucher Based on Bill Settlements and directly created Voucher
NV – Note Voucher Based on Audit Note created
EXP – Expenses Voucher Based On Expenses added
BV – Bank Voucher Based on Bill Settlements  and Directly created Voucher
CV – Cash Voucher Based on the Bill Settlements  and Directly created Voucher

Creating Voucher

  • Go to “Accounts” >> “Voucher” 
  • Click “+” Create Button
  • Fill the Felds with details
  • Click “Save


Fields Description
Tags  Enter the Keyword here
Voucher type Choose the type of Voucher in the Drop down. Based on the Choosen type 
Date Select the Date
Project  Choose the Project
Transaction Instrument No Enter if there is any transaction “Instrument No”. eg. “Cheque No“, “DD No”.
Transaction description Enter the Description
Dr/Cr Choose Dr/Cr based on the Accounting Golden Rule
Ledger  Choose the Ledger 
Amount Enter the Amount
Add + Click “+” Button to add 
Narration  Enter the Narration of the Transaction

Fields With (*) Marks Are Mandatory

Editing voucher 

You can edit the details of a Delivery Challan. here’s how:

  • Go to “Accounts” >> “Voucher” 
  • Select the Voucher  you want to edit.
  • Click the “Pencil” icon 
  • Make the Required changes.
  • Click Save.
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