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A Ledger is the actual Account Head to Identify your “Transactions” and are used in all Accounting Vouchers. For Example, “Purchase“, “Payments“, “Sales“, “Receipts“, and other Accounts Heads are “Ledger Accounts“. without a Ledger, you cannot Record any Transaction.

Xserp possess Ledgers by default and creates Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors once the Party has been added based on the Type

You can also create a New Ledger. 

Creating New Ledger 

  • Go to “Accounts” >> “ledger”
  • Click + Create Button
  • Enter the Name of the Ledger
  • Enter the Description of the Ledger
  • Choose the Account Group from the Drop Down
  • Click Save
  • The page Redirects to Ledger page
  • You can find the created Ledger in the List

Import Ledger

  • Go to “Accounts” >> “ledger”
  • Click the “Upload” Button at the top Right 
  • Upload page opens 
  • Click “Download Sample” Link 
  • Sample CSV file will Download 
  • Fill the CSV file Accordingly
  • Choose the file and choose the Voucher Date
  • Click Upload. 
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