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Xserp is a cloud-based ERP software which takes care of all your accounting and inventory needs. To fully understand how xserp works,you can go through the modules.

Access Xserp

Have an account already? Log in to www.xserp.in or create your account by signing up for Xserp.

Sign up for Xserp

Open your browser and get to www.xserp.in  

Click the signup link.

A dialog box opens up to provide your company name, your company mail ID, phone number and set your password.

Click the checkbox I accept the terms and conditions and click the register button.

Verify your Account

After signing up for Xserp, you’ll receive an email through which you can verify your account.

To verify your account:

  • Go to your registered email address and click the Verify and Activate option.
  • Enter your registered mail ID and the password in the page you are redirected to and click sign in.
  • Your Xserp account is registered successfully.

Browser Support

Xserp is a web based application. It is well designed and developed for the latest browsers and focuses on providing the best user experience.

Xserp supports the latest version of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet explorer

Mobile Apps

Want to access Xserp on your mobile phone?

We have the app for Android.

  • Open Play store app in your mobile.
  • Search for Xserp app. 
  • Install the Xserp app. 
  • Provide your registered mail id and password. 
  • Click sign in.
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