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How do I record partial payment against an invoice?

  • Goto “Accounts” >> “Bill settlement
  • Select “Receive“, the button turns blue that indicates the entry is for payment received from your customer
  • Fill the following fields based on the following table and click create voucher button


Fields Description
Received from Choose your customer name from the drop down, choosing the name will auto populate all the unpaid bill for the particular customer to the list
Amount Enter the amount paid, based on the pending value, the entered amount will split up to each bill that you can alter as per requirement
Received in Choose the ledger from which the payment has been made
Date Enter the date of transaction done
Instrument no Enter the transaction instrument no like cheque no, DD no
Narration Enter the narration

After choosing the sundry debtors, Xserp will auto- populate list as

Fields Description
s no Serial no
Bill no Your Invoice No. provided to your customer
Bill date Date of the Invoice
Aging Aging in terms of days
Bill value The grand total value of the bill
Already settled Already settled for the particular bill as note or advance
Pending amount Remaining amount to be paid
Receive in advance Amount paid in advance
Receive now Entered amount will fill up here with priority and you can manually adjust the value

Making bill settlement will create its corresponding voucher under the voucher module.

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