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How can I add a material?

Go to Profile >> Material.

Click + Create in the top right corner.

Fill the fields.

click Save button.                        

Field description
Drawing number Enter the item code or unique number set for the specific material
Category Choose the category under which the material falls and create your own catergory by clicking +New Catergory in the dropdown
Name Name of the Item
HSN/SAC Code HSN/SAC Code of the item
Price (store value) Enter the store value or the purchase price which reflects in stock valuation for that item
Unit Choose the unit of measurement for the material or create a new unit by clicking + New Unit
Minimum stock level After the stock of the item reaches this level, you will not be able to issue the item
Makes Enter the brand name or make and press enter key, type the MPN-Manufacture Part Number if available and save
Description Add notes related to sales of the item.
Stock accountable Enable the checkbox if the stock are to be accountable
In use Disable the checkbox if this material is currently not in use

Note : Fields with (*) marks are mandatory

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