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How to create Invoice?

Go to Sales >> Invoice.

Click + Create.

Enter the field with details.

Click Save.

Saving the invoice will redirect to invoice page and the created invoice will be drafted.

Pending invoice can also used as a Proforma invoice.

Click the status pending.

PDF preview file of the invoice will be displayed               .

Click the approve button.

The draft number will be changed to invoice number.

fields Description
Tag Enter the keyword here
Project You can create and choose the project to which this material belongs to or choose internal as default
Goods already supplied Click the check box if the goods has been already received
Type Select the type of invoice, based on the choosed type ,the serial No of the invoice changes and the tax may includes
Customer Choose the customer name from the dropdown or click + add new to add new customer
Sales account Sales account will be selected by default
OA no Select the OA number if OA has been generated, or the field can be left blank
Delivery address Enter the delivery address if there is any changes from the billing address
PO no Enter the customer’s PO number
PO date Enter the Customer’s Po date
Transport mode Enter the mode of transport
Road permit no Enter the road permit No
LR no & date Enter the LR no and date
Packing slip no Enter the packing slip no
Packing description
Material item Choose the material name from the list or enter the name by clicking the others tab if it is a non-profiled item
HSN code If it is profiled item, The HSN code will auto populate from the Profile whereas for non-profiled item enter the HSN code manually
Quantity Enter the quantity
Rate Enter the rate here
For OA based invoice, rate will be auto-populated
Discount Enter discount in %
Add + Click the + button, and keep adding material to the list
Packing & forwarding Enter the packing and forwarding charges, that would add to the grand total
Transport & freight Enter the Transport & freight charges, that would add to the grand total
Taxes Choose the applicable taxes
Payment terms Enter the payment terms
Round off You can round off the grand total by entering the value here
Remarks Enter the remarks here
Special instruction Enter the special instruction here that will display to your invoice
Notes Enter the notes here that eill display at the foot noted of your invoice

Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.

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