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How to create an Indent?

Go to Stores >> Indent.

Indent page will open.

On the top right corner, click + Create button.

Fill out the details

Fields description
Indent type Choose the type of good for what the indent is raised
Indent for Purpose of the indent
Project You can create and choose the project to which this material belongs to or choose internal as default
Material requested Under the material tab choose the material from the drop down, if the material is not profiled, you can enter the material name in others tab directly but the stock will not be accounted
Quantity Enter the required quantity
Add + Click the + button and add as much material needed
Required date Navigate in the calendar and choose the material required date
tags Enter the keyword
Remarks Enter the remarks as per your requirement

Note : Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.

click the save button.

saving the indent will generate a unique number for the indent.

you can select the supplier from the spilt/move icon and convert it into PO.

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