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How can I add customer/supplier to my xserp account?

Go to profile>> Party.

Click the + Create button in top right corner of the page.

Select the Party Type by clicking the check box as Customer or Supplier or both.

Fill the fields.

Click Save.

Field Description
Code You can provide with a unique id for your customer/supplier
Supplier name Enter the name of your supplier
Credit period Enter the credit days that the party has agreed to
Address Enter the address of the party’s company
City Enter the city of the party’s company
State Enter the state of the party’s company
Contact peron Enter the name of the person in the company you are associated with
Phone number Enter the phone number of the person or the company
GST Enter the GST No of the party’s company
PAN Enter the PAN No of the party’s company
Currency Select the currency which the customer deals in. This currency will be used in all the customers’ transactions.

Note : Fields with (*) marks are mandatory  

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