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How to create OA?

Go to sales >> Order acknowledgement.

Click + Create button at the top right.

Fill the fields with details.

Click Save and the page redirects to OA page.

Initially the status of the OA will be pending.

Click Pending to view the PDF file of the OA.

Check and click Approve.

The Document is approved and a unique OA number is assigned.

Fields Description
Tags Enter the keyword here
party name Select the name of the customer from the drop down
Type Choose the type of sale
Material Choose the material from the drop down or enter the material name in others tab if it is a not stock item
Remark Enter remarks aabout the material
Price / unit Enter the price per unit
Quantity Enter the total sale quantity
Add Click add button to add item to the list
Tax extra Tick the check box to mention taxes in the invoice
Delivery due date Choose the delivery due date
Party ref PO & date Enter the party’s PO number here and choose the date
Payment terms Enter the payment terms
+ add You can upload the party’s document like PO here
Document description Enter the description bout the attached document here
Instruction Enter any other instruction

Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.

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