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How do I generate a delivery note in Xserp?

To create a new delivery challan:            

Go to Stores >> Delivery Challans.

Click the + Create button in the top right corner of the page.

Fill the fields

Fields Description
Tags Enter the keyword here
Project You can create and choose the project to which this material belongs to or choose internal as default
Type Select the purpose for which the challan is being created
Party Select the customer to whom you want to create a Delivery Challan
Return date Select the date when the material has to be returned to your firm
OA number Enter the Order Acknowledgement number for reference if available
PO No or JO No Enter the Purchase Order or job order number of the customer/vendor for reference, if available
PO Date Choose the date of the customer’s PO
Delivery address If the delivery address is different from the billing address then enter here
Material Under the material tab choose the material from the drop down, if the material is not profiled, you can enter the material name in others tab directly but the stock will not be accounted
Hsn code HSN code will auto-populate from the material masters, if profiled
Quantity Enter the quantity
Rate Enter the rate of the material
Payment terms Enter the payment terms if needed
Tax Enter the tax if needed
remark Enter remark if needed
Notes Notes that you enter here will reflect in your DC

Note : Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.

Note: material can be added based on the maximum issue level.

Click Save.

Saving will redirect to DC page.

The entry made will be initially in the pending status and a draft number will be generated.

Click Pending, PDF file of the Delivery challan will be displayed.

Check the DC and click Approve to proceed or Reject to delete the DC permanently.

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