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How do I bill partially from a purchase order? How do I create a single bill from multiple purchase orders?

In Xserp you can add a GRN for multiple purchase order.

Creating GRN:

  • Go to Stores >> Goods Receipt (GRN).
  • GRN page will open.
  • Click + Create.
  • GRN page will open.
  • Fill the fields with details.
  • Click Save.
  • Saving the entry will redirect to GRN Page.
  • The status of the GRN will be in Draft.
  • Click the draft and the PDF preview will open.
  • Click the Approve button in the top.
  • GRN number will be assigned to the record.
Field Description
Tags Enter your keyword here
Project You can create and choose the project to which this material belongs to or choose internal as default
Received against Choose the scenario from the drop down
Received from Choose the customer/vendor from the drop down
Purchase order no Choose your purchase order number from the drop down
Indent type Choose the type of the goods
attachment Attach the soft copy of DC/ invoice received from the supplier
Received as Toggle between dc/invoice, based on the received document
Party dc no Enter the document number
Eg: dc number or invoice number
Party dc date Enter the date of the document
Received date Enter the date of the material been received
Received through Enter the mode of transport
Material Material list gets auto-populated from thee chosen PO
PO pending Pending quantity in PO will be displayed
Dc/invoice Enter the quantity mentioned in the party’s invoice
Received Enter the actual physical quantity
Shortage Shortage will calculated automatically
Accepted Enter the accepted quantity(based on the QC)
Rejected Rejected will be calculated automatically
Price/unit Enter the price mentioned in the party’s invoice
Tax Choose the tax from thr drop down in the respective cell
Gate inward no Enter the gate inward number if available
Gate inward date Enter the date of goods inward
Inspector name Enter the name of the quality inspector
Tax applicable Enter if any tax applicable

Fields with (*) marks are mandatory.


Under purchase order drop down you can choose as many PO needed , also u can enter partial quantity for a chosen PO, so that the PO will be left open for the balance quantity.

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