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How can I apply vendor credits to a bill?

  • Goto “Audit” >> “Credit“/”Debit” Note
  • Click “+” Create
  • Enter the “Fields” with Details
  • Click “Save” or “Approve
  • Saving will Leave the Entry in “Pending” Status , After Which You Can “Check” and “Verify
  • Clicking “Approve” will Leave the Entry in Checked Status, After which You Can Verify
  • Click” the Status and Proceed.
Fields Description
Tags Enter the Keyword Here
Credit / Debit Toggle Button Toggle Button Will Appear, Initially Button Sets In Credit Entry, Clicking The Button Turns Blue And Switch To Debit Entry
Project You can Create And Choose The Project To Which This Material Belongs To or Choose Internal as Default
Party Name Choose the Supplier/ Customer Name From The List
Receipt No Enter the GRN No.
Invoice Date Enter the Party’s Invoice No
Invoice No Enter the Party’s Invoice Date
Invoice Value Enter the Party’s Invoice Value
Attachment Click the Button and Upload, the Scan Copy of The Party Invoice
Description Choose the Material From The List
Reason Choose the Reason From the Drop Down
Quantity Enter the Quantity
Unit Enter the Unit of Measurement
Rate Enter the Rate
Click + Button and Add the Material To the List
Tax Add Tax

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